Free Insurance Quotes and the Industry’s Exemption From Antitrust Laws – Industry Insurance

The insurance industry is valued by many people in the country because it offers protection and security physically, financially and so on. Most of these kinds of protection packages are required, such as car protection policy, because it helps people avoid any untoward setbacks. This is why there is a lot of concern regarding free insurance quotes, adequate coverage and cheaper premiums because people want to be able to afford and enjoy the many benefits of having it.Insurers have been protected by what is called an antitrust exemption. Antitrust Laws prohibits the creation of a monopoly because one person or company cannot be the sole provider of a certain service. The government intends for there to be a healthy competition in the market. Since insurers are exempted, they are free to dominate and control the industry.President Obama recently launched an assault on the industry and threatened to strip it of its exemption from antirust laws. He accused it of being deceptive and dishonest in their advertisement to overturn his legislation of health care. In addition to that, he said that agencies and carriers are only interested in the preservation of their interests and are willing to manipulate truth and facts and come up with bogus studies to antagonize the efforts to reconstruct the country’s health care system. Instead of trying to reduce costs and help people, insurers are too busy trying to figure out how not to cover people.The Obama administration is concerned that the industry may weaken the support of the public for the plans to change the health care system, similarly to what they did back during former President Clinton’s health care reform attempts in the 1990s. The studies the industry recently launched fueled criticism that the reform plans will be too expensive and would consequently increase consumer costs. The issued report made by America’s Health Insurance Plans states that premiums would increase to at least 18% under the provision of that bill.Insurers claim that they support such changes, but believe that the current versions would exacerbate financial situations because such a system would require higher costs for everyone. Furthermore, this plan would even reduce competition that the government so badly wants for the market. Reforms should benefit people in such a way that each person would be able to afford quality coverage.The government however, adamantly believes otherwise. They are currently reviewing the industry’s antitrust exemption and are now pushing for the repeal or revision of the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 which was passed to leave the task of regulating insurers in the hands of the states. Many support this move and view it to be accommodating of the vision of increasing competition and opportunities in the market.Some economists, however, question whether breaking up the bigwigs with antitrust laws will benefit consumers. They believe that there is a possibility that the result would be just the opposite. If they break up, prices cannot be bargained down; therefore, the competition would be at a higher level of premium than ever before.People indeed benefit from free insurance quotes and insurance packages in general, but they are usually unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. These kinds of reforms aim to alleviate the growing concerns of people and provide them with what they are justly owed. If there continues to be antagonistic efforts to undermine bills that support changes for the betterment of society, then progress will not be achieved, and more people feel the weight of the crises of the nation.